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How do you feel about Epistemology? how do you think one learns or absorbs ideas?


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  1. I am very new to philosophical studies so if my answer seems simplistic, I’m sorry. I believe we absorb ideas from a combination of things. The way we perceive reality isn’t cut and dry. I think it tends to be from a combination of factors such as upbringing, culture, and experience. I tend to question a lot of things and I know when my father was alive he did too and he always told me why. Now, as an adult, when I look at something, there has to be certain strains of logic and reason attached to something for me to truly believe it. I am not an atheist, for example, but when I see people arguing over religious beliefs and they say they know this or know that it drives me crazy. Not because I have a problem with their belief system but more so because they don’t truly know anything, they are just 100%committed to their belief. I hope that makes at least a little sense.

    Also, I think ideas are formed through a process that is heavily influenced by the way people perceive reality. For example, there are people who either believe or do not believe in ghosts. Personally, I do but whatever…The person who does, in my opinion, has a mind more open to unproven or theoretical things and therefore will be more open to ideas related to that topic, while the non believer won’t believe in ghosts anymore than any other unproven, theoretical thing. I could go on but that’s the basic way I see it.

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