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more philosophy revisited.

Is it true that I am the only human being on the face of this earth?  Everyone around me is nothing more than a hard drive with gears and wires encased by rubber or some other malleable substance to create an illusion that we as a race are all in one.  Even though this thought is very abstract and “out there” how would I really know?  If I found out this was the case would I feel ashamed or embarrassed, misunderstood, singled out, maybe even unique?

Could a Robot learn new things or ideas without being synced or plugged in?  This I feel maybe the dead give away would be this factor.  I feel a robot could only learn new things when human put information into them since humans would be the creator as far as we know they could only know what we teach them.  Could a robot understand accents?  For example with the newest IPhone there happened to be problems with the voice response system and the Australian accent.  This makes me wonder what would happen in a daily conversation with a robot, could they recall daily acctivities or patterns?  Remember personal conversations or experiences?

Since it “Takes one to know one” I’m not sure how I could properly identify a robot, since I’m not a robot I don’t know what it feels like to be a robot, what it looks like to be a robot, how to function as a robot.  This statement has a huge loophole.  Since I do know what its like to be human, I should be able to draw an honest conclusion that everyone around me are in fact human.  What exactly does it mean to be “human”?

As a human we have minds, we know things. Unfortunately even if we don’t we still believe we do.  Could a robot still have a mind even though its nothing more then a box with a thought proses?  Would a robot’s “mind” tell them to raise their arm or would another force make them preform this task?  Substance Dualism takes the drivers seat with this.  If mind and body are distinct they really cant or shouldn’t be considered the same.  Like a human with nerves that are the highway messages travel on, robots have wires for there nervous system, So maybe the distinction between human and robot are become more cloudy.

In conclusion I am certain that I am surrounded by humans. Between seeing emotions, feeling emotions, and even the birth of live young.  We are all humans, science can dictate the rest.  “I think there for I am-René Descartes


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